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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by garretthall29, May 12, 2010.

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    As I am planning out my reverse flow build I have been doing a ton of reading on here an learning alot. So thanks to everyone for sharing. Anyway, I see alot of people talking about putting water in the rf plate to act as a heat sink. Doesn't the plate already do that? Also do you just close the valve and let it fill up? If so, wont it overflow once you get a substantial amount of grease dripping?
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    The water helps in adding some mass to the smoker in way of holding and maintaining heat. It also servers to keep moisture in the smoke chamber when doing this such as ribs, brisket, pork butts and so on. Depending on how large a smoker you have, you don't have to fill the area with water to the top. The area on mine is roughly 38 by 26 by 4" deep. I will fill it to withing 1/2" from the top. All the time the smoker is running at the temps I usually smoke at, 225-240, water is evaporating off so any juices and fats that drip in won't cause it to overflow. You will evaporate more water off that grease dripping coming in. (If not, you may want to trim some of the heavy fat off whatever it is you are smoking). Depending on the size again of your smoker, some people will simply fill one of those large rectangular throw away foil pans with water and set that directly under the meat they are smoking. Some will also use sand in those trays covered with foil. Once that heats up, it makes a great heat sink but provides no added moisture. Depending on how thick the plate is in your smoker will determine how quickly the unit comes back up to temps when you open the door, as will the thickness of the smoker walls.
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    Thank you for the thorough answer. This answers all of my questions. I will start my build next week and will post pics of the process.

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