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  1. I started this 2 years ago with no spare time or it would have been finished sooner. Thanks to everyone here that helped and gave me good advice. I still have a few things to do but it is painted any way

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    Just wondering what the rod under the handles is for ??

    Awesome build....
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    I like the use of the axes!

    First pic of that trailer and i thought it might be overkill. That is one beast of a smoker! Great build!

    What is it painted with if you don't mind?
  5. Thanks : The Rod underneath the doors is a lock I will take another pic to show it better it just goes through some plates and a hitch clip keeps it in place. As far as the paint I put 4 coats and used Sheffields Pot Belly Stove Paint. I have used it for years and has always held up well.
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    Was curious, I'm thinking of building a very similar pit with the firebox/warmer. It doesn't appear you have any inlets for heat and was wondering what kinda temps you get in the warmer section? Thanks cody

  7. I put 3 inlets on both sides and 3 on the door which isn't built in this photo its a total of 9 inlets that measure 2" x 4" rectangular the temps run perfect at 225 degrees from one end to the other after 2 runs there is a 3.2 degree difference across the board no hot spots anywhere and it uses very little wood. I had a lot of people tell me to expect to sacrifice the first 1-0 ft of cooking space because it would be hotter. Instead of cutting the tank flat to the FB I left the rolled end and boxed out the bottom with plates and cut the half moon into that part which gave me 14 inches and the beginning of my cook surface is the same temp as the rest of it
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    Yea I saw the inlets, and was gunna ask what size those are, that's awesome that you have no hot spots! But on your warmer section, above the firebox, it doesn't appear to be connected to the cc and I don't see any holes connecting to fb... Was wondering if I'm looking at that correctly and what kinda temps you get in the warmer... Thanks cody
  9. Oh ok. The warmer box is heated by the fire underneath and I have 6 holes 13/16 dia  in groups of 3 with a slide to open and close them. The flues and dampers on top are for the warmer only. Between playing with the flues on top and the small vent inlets open or closed I can run it from 190 to 275 deg. I haven't cooked in that part yet but it seems to be pretty good for a warmer / vertical smoker either one I way I want to use it . The holes are in the plate that separates the fire and warmer box.
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    Ahhh, that makes since, was trying to figure out how it got heat without holes, but that explains it, and you get good heat in there... Thanks, trying to get as much info as I can before I begin my build.... Thanks cody
  11. It did really good when we ran it. The Fire box is double walled on the sides with an 1 1/2  space and 1/4 inch plates the top plate that separates the FB and warmer box is just a single 1/4 inch plate seems to heat just fine. I framed an angle in the fire box the prevent warping and used a 1 1/2 x 1/2 Flat bar on the other side in the warmer box it doesn't move any when it heats up
  12. I for got to tell you also I put a damper on the FB where the half moon is cut out.  It swings into the box between the FB and CC. This seems to be a big help in controlling the heat between the CC and warmer box. After I had the CC up to temp and had some good coals and fire I could rotate that damper partially  down and it would even the heat between the two and used a lot less wood to keep everything right. A couple people told me not to do it and that it would trap heat making one end of the CC hotter but it didn't in any way at all. I really think by leaving the rolled end on the tank and boxing that bottom cut out for the FB to attach helped a lot. I love it and its very easy to control everything.
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    Ok, so you did frame out firebox with angle, was thinking it would be necessary to keep from warping like you say, thanks for the info!
  14. yes you can click on the photo of the fire box and enlarge  it to see. I turned the angle so one leg butted up to the wall of the firebox and it looks like a channel shape its really strong. I framed the inside of the door with tube and it fits in that angle when its closed for a positive seal and it reinforces the door because I only used 1/4 inch plate for weight reasons and costs.
  15. Nice Job, You put a lot of work into that build   Great looking rig    [​IMG]


  16. Thanks I guess like everyone else on here it feels good to use it

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