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Reverse Seared (smoker)


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I’ve grown to love reverse searing steaks in my smoker very quickly! Anyway two questions.

First what temp to smoke the steak at? I’ve tried 225 but a lot of people are saying 250 because 225 takes to long and you get the same results.

Second, what’s your favorite searing method? I tried Cast Iron, I use cast iron for regular cooking all the time. I found it really easy to over shoot my desired temp. Hot hot grill works pretty good. However the best sear for me was with a MAP gas torch. I found when doing it this way it is done very quickly. So not much heat goes into the steak. I’ve got to cook the steak to a few degrees higher temp or it will be under done for my taste.

Anyway what’s your preference?


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I smoke them using my charcoal grill indirect than just throw some wood chips on coals to get them burning for sear.

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I reverse sear in the smoker at 250F with a Meater Plus probe in it.. once it gets to 135 degrees I pull it out for a quick flip on a screaming hot gas grill till it's 145F IT - I am a huge fan of the color and taste of doing Ribeyes and NY Strips this way - the color of the outside turns a red color that's hard to capture with a camera and when I do people think I have added a filter to it!


Joined May 3, 2021
At the moment unfortunately the only gas grill I have is a small portable one. It’s great for burgers and dogs. Kinda iffy about searing steak on it though. I’ve got a gas grill on my radar for my “outdoor” kitchen this year. I don’t need a huge one I usually use gas for just my wife and kids. When we want to quickly cook some burgers and dogs kinda stuff. However I want a good quality one that can crank out some heat. I’m sure I could use it for searing steak but I think it would not get hot enough to do it quickly and I’d wind up over cooking it.

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