Reverse flow " no heat "

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Jan 20, 2014
Pensacola Fl
I recently purchased a new r f smoker from Greasyhillcustomgrills and can not get it over150.I have learned so much from this forum already just wish I would have seen it before the purchase. I have the model 400 with warming / rib box. I have read the other posts on smokers similar to this and checked out the calculator. I believe my problem is the fire box needs to be lowered about 10"-12". This is not a option because the FB sits on the tounge of the trailer. Is it possible to put small fans in the air intake for FB and force air threw the smoker........please help I am desperate......   
Just curious,  what did the manufacturer say.  May want to have a good conversation with them before you start cutting and welding on a new unit.
Just a shade tree welding shop in north Alabama, basically said good one else seems to have a problem . Wish I would have found the forum before.....
I agree, lots of different pics with the size of cooking chamber, where the reverse flow plate is, opening from the firebox to cook chamber. The good folks on here can help you out.

Why is it that there are several "shade tree" welding shops making this same design? Are they buying the plans somewhere, or is there a shop teacher out there making this the "final exam" project?

We've seen this almost exact cooker here a couple times with the same issues, about a year ago several members got involved and helped a guy do some modifications to straighten one out.

Anybody here able to post a link to that?

I agree with Al, hey I am a newbie here but, I did take a look at Greasy Hills site, standard reverse flow on the trailer model, now what I have heard and seen is to make sure the fire box is properly filled and the vents are wide open, make sure the doors to the smoker racks closed and wait about 30 min and check your temp guages, you should clear 250 plus deg easy, then start closeing the box vents and flap between the box and smoker (if it has one) and wait 15 min after each adjustments of the vents and flap till you get desired temp. Now I agree that were the fire box flap opens is really close to the lower grill level, creating a hot spot. Or even loss of heat out the rib box? on top of the fire box Also, charcol type and hard smoker woods (I belevie) burn way hotter so getting the temp right by adjustments is easier.

Hope this was some help, good luck
The FB is 20x20x26..... The CC is a cylinder 31x72.....The opening from the FB to the CC is 10x20 but is 8" from top of FB..... The RF plate has a double 45 that drops down 8" to get the  plate below the cooking grate  The exhaust is 6" square......The opening from the CC to rib / warming box is 8x8 Have pics got to figure out how to post.... 
I read the post Ribwizzard and it is very similar maybe the same builder but I have a 6" square exhaust. So I don't think I will get so lucky with a fix.......Thanks for the heads up..... 
You just don't see many with the firebox mounted on the tongue like that. And I can't figure out why they would build it like that? I've seen this same configuration in about four different smokers listed under different builder names, but other than minor trim differences, the smokers appear almost identical. Either is some kind of blueprint , or some kind of kit that they purchase , and then build and sell them, ...I just don't know?

Anyone got any ideal?
I'm not sure but I wish I would have found this sight before I purchased it.....I bought it because I liked the way it looked never thinking if it would work......
Would it be feasible to put a couple 12 volt fans in the air intake for the FB to force the heat through? I am kind of Leary to start cutting on a $2000 smoker...........
Would it be feasible to put a couple 12 volt fans in the air intake for the FB to force the heat through? I am kind of Leary to start cutting on a $2000 smoker...........

My thoughts are...... If it doesn't work, modify it so it works like it should.... Fans blowing in the FB will just overheat the FB..... A "working" smoker costs about $4000.... You should be $$$$$ ahead and have a great smoker.....
We will help you with the proper dimensions to make it works if you choose that route.....

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Thanks Dave, That's why I like this place....Why is there never enough time to do it right but always enough time to do it over ??????
Fishing...... I'm still trying to figure out why some guy would go to all the trouble of building a smoker that doesn't work properly, puts his name and reputation on the line, and keeps building crap.... It's been happening for years with this guy....
I think its because 1st time Buyers (like me ) don't do their homework and just buy because they like the look and never find forums like this until its to late....As soon as I figure out how to post pics from a iphone I need your help to fix this thing.... The only fix I see is raising the smoker leaving the fb where it is ????
Pictures of your smoker.... FB.... CC..... Warmer.....etc..... and dimensions of each piece..... and how it's fitted..... There are folks on here that have done that mod and know plenty on how and why etc.......
Fishing 1, it happens to all of us at some point in time. Its a shame that the place you purchased it from isn't willing to stand behind their product. I work in a prison and due to my being surrounded by bull*&% every day I initially had to spend a great deal of time reading the various post by forum members like Dave and Ribwizzard because I found it hard to believe that these two guys were willing to help folks out. Don't get me wrong I just used these two guys as examples. With that being said I would ask the questions regardless of how silly you may think it is but I haven't come across anyone that isn't willing to help out. Believe me, I did not know squat about a RF BBQ Smoker.

Ask the questions, shoot the photos, look at other builds and lets get rolling on your project….Jerome is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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