Reverse flow " no heat "

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Thanks Alaska, Will post pics as soon as I can....I also work in a level 5 prison in Florida ....Stay safe Brother....
This is my DUD....Look at the top of fb compared to cc

This is in the cc looking toward the fb....That is the intake from cc to the rib box

text for image 3

intake to rib box

cc looking toward fb

This is where I plan on putting a gas flat griddle

This is the end of the rf plate


This is in the fb looking toward the cc

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Got to love the look......Smoke, grill and fry all at the same time....If only it worked...Please   HELP
The FB is 20x20x26..... The CC is a cylinder 31x72.....The opening from the FB to the CC is 10x20 but is 8" from top of FB..... The RF plate has a double 45 that drops down 8" to get the  plate below the cooking grate  The exhaust is 6" square......The opening from the CC to rib / warming box is 8x8
That's an awesome LOOKING smoker... just have a feeling there's gonna be a lot of work involved to get it straightened out... do you have the means (tools) to do it with ?
Have plenty of friends willing to help......Some have welding skills.....I think if I call in a couple favors I can get it done....
Ok, maybe I can help some.. This is definitely the same design as mine, the Reverse Flow Flop thread that u read, with the addition of a warming box.. The very first thing uneed to do is cut in additional dampers on the firebox. I suggest one high centered in the firebox across from the opening to the cook chamber. If that doesnt work, cut some in low on the backside of the firebox. If your rib box doesnt have a damper in it, install one. My fear is ur rib box opening is disrupting the air flow. Instead of it moving in the cc and out through the exhaust, its stalling into the warming box. The main thing though is to increase your intake dampers. Im sure if u are trying to heat everything up to temps, ur fire goes out. Open ur firebox door and the fire starts burning again. This is a telltell sign u need more intake. Another thing I found with my cooker is, dont trust the thermometer on the lid!! Put one inside stuck thru an apple or potato so its not touching the metal racks. Your cooker may be hotter than u think it is! Basically adding a bigger exhaust and more intake fixed mine to the point its usable and very efficient. My plans are to redo my firebox so its a little shorter, wider and longer to better feed the cooker. Hope this helps, and let me know if u need any more suggestions!!
Thanks for the info UGA fan, I will try your suggestions. I hope they work but I am thinking I need to cut the fb from the cc and raise it about 10".Do you think this is feasible ?? 
I wouldn't recommend that at all.. Like I said your design is identical to mine and the addressing the intake/exhaust solved my problems. Before I emailed the cook chamber, I would cut the tongue off the trailer and mount it on the opposite end and drop the firebox down some. The warming/rib box makes doing anything more complicated tho. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.