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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by danbono, Dec 6, 2012.

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    What KCBS tells you and what RD tells you will be different.
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    Danbono I found it under the discount tab
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  3. It’s a great place to shop all sorts of things like utensils, pots pans, bulk items like cheese and meats.  I also buy sub-primal cuts for dry aging often and pick up boxes of seafood all the time.  It’s probably a good idea if you have a 2nd fridge, or freezer as almost everything is really big cuts.  Prices can be good, but their sales are amazing. 

    KCBS members had the option of going with their KCBS membership card and getting a 1 day pass for the last few years, but that agreement expired earlier this year.  I have been told that it’s been renewed and you can now get a 1 day pass again, but not all locations honor them so call first.  Luckily when the KCBS deal expired I was able to just get my own card and now I don’t need to use my KCBS day pass anymore.
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    Is this any better than Sam's Club? 
  5. I like RD better than SC  but they are not the same type of store by a  long shot,  prices on meat are better than sams around here the briskets come full packer and usually around $2.23lb 

    and the last boneless pork butts I think I paid $1.49  that was a 60 or 70lb case price tho
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    Sam's has Butts for like 1.58, but if you buy the case they are I believe 1.38 per lb.  I like Sam's Club meat.  There isn't one close, I just wondered if it would be worth the hassle of trying to visit one the next time I was in Dallas or KC.
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    Hi All After the 1st of the year I'm joining KCBS. Then I'll shop  RD for packers & ribs.

    Here is the the E-mail response I got from the manager of the RD close to me.

    Thanks Dan

    We carry whole briskets..
    You can sign up as KCBS and use yourself as the contact name..I looked in the system and it seems that others have shopped here from around the country and have done that...
    It would take just a few minutes..

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    Print out that email and take it with you. Let us know what happens.
  9. I went RD today and picked up a brisket packer for this weekends cook.  It was a 13.81 lb angus choice @ $2.68 a lb., for a total cost of $37.01.  I live in Huntington Beach CA, and I have not found very many places in the area that carries whole packers.  There is butcher shop right around the corner from me that sells the choice whole packers, but they are roughly 10 to 11 lbs, and want $4.99 a lb.  We have found a couple of Walmarts that carry the brisket packers, but those are few and far between.
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    Nice!  Do you have a membership to RD or do you use your KCBS membership for a day pass?
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    Hi All today I was by RD and took a shot of getting in. I don't have a card or belong too KCBS yet. No problem I just walked in and took a good look around.They sure do have  a good selection of meat, was mostly interested in packers/ribs and pork butts.

    The prices seem just OK.

    On the way out I stopped by the office and asked if I was a member of the KCBS can I shop there, her answer was yes they do shop here.Now I'm thinking of joining the KCBS and shop at RD for my BBQ/Smoking needs.

    I used to get my packers at a Walmmart Supercenter $2.68 lb, but it was hit or miss there lately all misses.Packers at RD were $2.30 lb/case was $2.18 lb

    Thanks Dan

    PS I should have pick up some ribs and a packer and see IF I had any trouble paying for them.

    I was there on this morning/friday at 11 and the place was packed, long lines for check out.
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  12. Normally they ask for your membership card at the check out, but who knows maybe they would have forgotten or a qucik reply of oops I forogt it today would have let you slip through
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    I like RD for the variety of commercial stuff they sell like pots & pans.  I have asked a restaurant  owner to call them in advance & send me up with his card once.  The other 2 times I went without a card I had a full cart or 2 & got in line a few minutes before closing.  I guess they figured they would have to stay late to restock everything so they let me slide :)
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    Our Restuarant Depot (Jettro)you have to scan your card to get in.
    From my experience with the KCBS and RD, you can not get a membership simply for being a KCBS member, only a pass.
    But I would try to get one at the office you never know.
    I lucked out with getting my membership...had to do some fancy talking and throw some names around.
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    Does any business license work for RD membership? I have a registered LLC & Employee ID # for taxes.
  16. I believe it will as they sell a lot of non food items.  I think they only need to ensure you have a TAX ID and that's all.
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    Thats what they told me too.
  18. I was told retail sales license in KC, it's a great store, I've never payed more than $1.99lb for packers, and $1.19 for bone in butts. I'm going in for some ribs tomorrow for the weekend.

    As mentioned before, the cards do not have names or photos on them, just a member number and business name, once you have the card, they could care less about who you are as long as you have $$. I did get a call about 4 months after I got my membership making sure I was happy and satisfied, I work for a large national corporation so I guess that could be why, just thought it was a nice gesture. I like the place. One outstanding scenario regarding price, I was able to get a choice bone-in prime rib from target cheaper than RD right before Xmas, thought that was funny...trying to move inventory I guess. It was truly next level off the Yoder!
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    Hi All I just joined the KCBS. Once I get my membership card from the KCBS, I'm off to Restaurant Depot for my briskets n ribs.Will post how I make out.

    is RD cash only?

    Thanks Dan

    PS Will I  notice a diffence between a choice packer from RD and a select from Walmart?
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    They take plastic, but watch them carefully, as some people have noticed being charged twice

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