Red lined barrels

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Mar 1, 2011
Yarmouth, Maine
I cant find a barrel that doesnt have the red lining in it. Other than sand blasting, how do you get the liner out? Can it be burned out?
I had mine sandblasted. You can usually find someone around your area that does that kind of stuff for like $25 or so. I have read that people burn it out. Im going to try it with my second one when i get to it. Just get it good and hot and see what happens.

This is the picture posted on the ad..
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Im doing the first smoke on my new uds so ill have the build and all that posted up sunday rbranstne. There are some good pics of it in there.
I just finished my build with a drum that had the tan lining. Long story short, it was partially sandblasted, burned, wire wheeled, and pressure washed. It was a pain to deal with and I wouldn't do it again. I would be willing to pay a premium for an unlined drum next time.
I just finished my build with a drum that had the tan lining. Long story short, it was partially sandblasted, burned, wire wheeled, and pressure washed. It was a pain to deal with and I wouldn't do it again. I would be willing to pay a premium for an unlined drum next time.
Thats what Im thinking..
I have all the parts to build a UDS, even a few Weber lids; but I also have one barrel with the dreaded liner for about 9 months now that I don't even want to tackle. I have been keeping my eyes open for another barrel but haven't found the right one yet. This spring I am going to set the barrel in a fire and start another fire inside of this lined barrel just to see the outcome.
After I got my drum with the tan lining I found a couple drum distributors online where you can order an unlined drum, but I think it was around $100 or more. After going through what it took to remove the tan lining I would pay for the unlined drum any day.
I wouldn't pay $100 for a barrel. I want to smoke but I am hoping to spend around $100 to get started and then add on slowly.. Don't have the money to do brisket or ribs, maybe pulled pork but I am going to start with chicken, steak, pork (chops and loins/roasts), and maybe some boston butt.. My goal is to have it ready for summer and baseball.. Get my skills good and then ready for football.. If I can have my UDS ready by NHL and NBA (mostly nhl) playoff that would be awesome.. Hope to do some smoking for some games.. 
Hello, please bare with me for I am new to this.  I just built my first UDS and feel compelled to pay it forward, for your site was invaluable to me and my efforts.  I live in one of the largest cities in the US Chicago and you would think getting a 55 gallon drum would be easy "well its not" at least to get one for a reasonable cost under 30 dollars.  After searching CL and a few other places I found a food grade open lid 55 gallon drum used to store apple raisin spread and it had the DREADED RED LINER.  I followed many posts and figured a good burn out or 2 would do the trick, well after 2 good burns (Approx. 2 pallets each time) the liner still remained.  I couldn't believe my eyes I just assumed it would flake and burn off like the paint on the exterior of the drum, its as if it was part of the steel.  My best way to describe this lining is to say its looks like the lining sprayed into the back of a pick-up truck bed and apparently just as durable (I believe their called Rhino Linings) but there is hope.  Being the BBQ MacGuyver that I am and refusing to admit defeat (which my wife was waiting for) I decided to wash the inside of the drum out with some Comet and a green 3M scuff pad sponge.  And there it was right before my eyes the lining like magic started to wash away....I couldn't believe it!!!!  The more I washed and scrubbed the more it went away until 95% was all gone, all that remained were the spots where I tried to sand and wire brush it off.  It appears the more you brutalize it the harder it is to remove.  After 2 good burns the liner will turn a chalky red/pink color, let this be don't try anything harsh until you give it a good Comet or Ajax scrub and you will be amazed by the results there may still be a few spots were the burn didn't get to but a wire wheel will make quick time on these parts with minimal dust and debris.  This is for those of you that cant spend 90 dollars on a new unlined drum or don't have access to any other types try this it works!!!!  Will post pics as soon as i figure this site out.....I'm better on a BBQ than on a PC.
Is it safe to assume that a TAN color on the inside is just the same material in a different color? I see loads of these for sale in my area but have not seen a single unlinded or reconditioned barrel.

Looks like the same stuff. All I did when i built mine was i put in all the valves an what not and then payed a guy $25 to sandblast it. Worked great.
I've made a few UDS for my friends now . we have a supplier of almost brand new barrels, but they DO have the "red" liner in them......I talked to the guy that sells the barrels...he said that it is a spray on type liner the food industry uses that is an epoxy polymer.  It keeps the drums airtight, waterproof and rust proof when transporting food on ships, and in wet condtions. cannot burn this liner MUST be sand or bead blasted out.  My supplier sells me these barrels for $20.00 shipped.  I got a company here in town that will glass bead blast them for me for $10.00 a barrel.  The glass bead blasting removes 99% of the red liner.  In my opinion blasting the liner off is the ONLY way to go on these...don't waste your time trying to burn, sand  or grind them out...just too dang much work

bumping year old thread. i have a red lined 55 gallon drum. the drum used to have strawberry puree in it! the drum still feels sticky inside after 1 scrub. I assume that burring wont remove the lining. If i pay to have the drum sand blasted what should i know? blast the inside/outside and lid? do i need to burn the drum right after and paint the outside the avoid rust? will the drum rust after its sand blasted? thanks!
When the drum is sand blasted it needs a primer aplied to the outside right away because it will rust quickly...Just do a burn on the inside...good luck !
cheers for the fast response. so...  get the inside and outside sand blasted. prime outside of drum. burn drum and inside of lid.

guess its not that complex after all. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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