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Apr 10, 2013
A buddy of mine had made some sausages using 10lbs ground beef, "original" flavouring, 3lbs bacon, and a 500g block of cheddar cheese. They were great!

so I'm planning to make this into a batch of snack sticks and wondering if anyone had any pointers or experience doing a recipe close to this. I think I should get extra lean ground beef because the bacon is going to add a lot of fat. Also I would like to use something other than an "original" flavour, I like the cracked pepper and garlic from Nesco, and high ountains hickory. do you think the bacon and cheese would go along with one of these or can you recommend a flavour?
Antler,,,, boy there are a lot of different flavors out there. do some searching and just look at the flavor that catches your eye. I like Jalapeno Pepper sticks, they have a little heat - there are a lot of box flavors to choose from.

Good Luck and don't forget the q-view
What is Original Flavorings? All Bing is giving me is a Hip Hop group and Skittles and candy web sites.

Take a look at this thread. You can subtract from the Beef to add your Bacon. Add the Cheese and the ECA at the end is for Tang, you can leave it out. You can adjust the Heat to your liking as well...JJ
I'm not sure exacty what flavouring was put into the sausage. he just brought 10lbs of meat, along with the bacon and cheese to a butcher and told him he wanted original sausages made with his own ingredients.

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