really, really basic help needed for a newbie

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Dec 28, 2013
so I bought the 30" MES for my husband for Christmas.  Neither one of us has any experience with smoking whatsoever, so I'm just looking for a good source for the very basics of using this.  For instance, when to use water in the water pan, average cooking times for different things so we have an idea of when to start, how often to refill the chips, the basics on how to cook various types of meat.  I mean, it seems like a lot of it is just monitoring the food until it's the right temperature, but we'd like to know how long it will take to smoke a turkey, for instance, versus chicken or a beef roast or salmon so that we know when to get started so that it's ready when we want it to be.

so, if anyone here knows a good place where I can find that info in one place, that would be great.  or if you can just give me a basic rundown here, that would also work.  I just know what I'm asking is a bit vague to be answered here.
Hi Lyn. Glad to have you with us! When you can, drop by Roll Call so we can give you a proper welcome.

 As for your questions, I would first suggest trying the search bar.  Type in whatever meat you are wanting to smoke and read a few of the threads there. That should narrow your questions a bit. Not trying to be rude , but you did ask for a wide variety of info at one time! Be sure we are all here to help!

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