Rainy day brisket with qview

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
May 19, 2013
Fox Valley, Wisconsin
A buddy of mine recently had a baby and the wife wants to take them a meal. I picked up a 13.4# choice packer and thought that would be a good baby welcoming present.

Like to trim to a reasonable level to get some smoke and rub in but man was this one fat.

Rub was a throw together of coarse pepper, kosher salt, minced garlic, minced onion, garlic powder, and onion powder. Once it passed my sniff test I called it good and rubbed it up.

My bbq store was out of my normal lump so I had to get some other stuff. A bit more money but I am told it is mostly oak in the bag so we will see.

The wicked Wisconsin winter wrecked havoc on my wood supply so what little dry wood is left will have to do. Have a nice dry maple branch that is going to have to work.

Planning to put on around 7 or 8 tonight for a lunch meal tomorrow.

More qview to follow.
Put her on at 745 with hopes of cooking it low and slow.

Using the uds smoker to make magic happen. Would love an oval primo but 2 kids under 2 keep that from happening.

In any case temps look good. Hopefully can dial it in and sleep like a baby tonight. Look at my fresh batch of maple syrup next to my maverick. Now that is good for cooking with.
I am in

Nothing wrong with the uds. They are great cookers.

Dial it in and sleep like a baby
I am feeling good about my temp. It is bouncing between 225 and 230. If it holds I will be in good shape. A storm front might move through tonight so hopefully that doesn't mess with me.

C farmer, what kind of farmer are you? I used to run a dairy and do nutrition work now.
We cooked down 2.5 gallons this year. Trees didn't run the best but we just tap the 15 in our yard. Tastes really good though. A little dark this year.
Haha. I feel your pain. My wife is from a family of syrup cookers. This is my second year cooking and 4th being married. It was cheaper to learn to tap trees than driving to Minnesota for more from her dad.
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