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Discussion in 'Beef' started by mcp9, Mar 15, 2008.

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    the more i look at yall cooked briskets, the more i want to do one. my question is, what is the difference in a brisket and a big steak? most likely comes from a different part of the cow, but more explanation is needed. thanks.
  2. Think of the brisket as the front axle of the cow. Right between the front legs. Its a very well worked cut, muscular and tough. Steaks on the other hand are from different areas and have various degrees of fat and muscle, making them range from tender to very tender when cooked.

    Low and slow is prefered for the brisket because only time will loosen the connective fibers in the meat producing an edible and tender finished product.
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    A very good web site is www.askthemeatman.com Wealth of info on most animals, the different cuts of meat, where they came from, and cooking tips.
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    The other thing to remember on a brisket is cutting the meat. Since it's a tougher piece of meat to begin with you need to slice it at a right angle to the grain of the meat.

    You will get a much more tender piece of meat rahter than cutting with the grain.
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    Good info., thanks guys.
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