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Discussion in 'Pork' started by mummel, Jun 10, 2015.

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    Hey all.  I got back from vacation last night after a 10 hour drive.....  Then drove to Cabelas to pickup my smoker just as they were closing.  Passed out.  Woke up this AM, raced to Costco to buy ribs and a butt, then assembled the smoker.  Immediately went to season it, and right at 3 hours at 275F I threw in two racks of St Louis ribs.  I wish I had more time but my family is only visiting for another 3 nights and we're doing a butt on the last night.  I had to try get in some ribs!!!!

    The smokers temps were initially difficult to peg down (it was in direct sunlight, maybe the wind, I dont know).  I set it at 230F according to Bear's recipe and the temps were swinging from 215F to 245F.  Maybe like that for 30min I'm not sure??

    Then I put up an umbrella, pulled out the chip loader a little further, and set the temp to 225F (like Meathead's Last Meal).  Temps seemed to stabilize nicely, ranging between 215F - 235F (nearly exactly +- 10F) for another 2.5 hours (total of 3 hours).

    I then pulled one rack, foiled, added 4oz of apple juice and put it in the oven at 225F (no probe in oven, I have no idea what the real temps is, I will have to calibrate it at some future time and then look back to see what the results were).

    The other rack was left in the smoker, and is going now at 225F too.

    So as of now, I've done 3 hours, and ~1 hour.  The only issue is I am going fishing with a buddy at 7:45pm.  That leaves me about 1.5 hours from now until I have to leave.  Not ideal, just the way it worked out.

    Any chance I will get to sample my first smoke haha????  I was thinking about going 5 hours in total, maybe like 3-1.5-0.5 (total 5 hours).  Would this be too little?  Should I just bump up the temps?  I would rather come back after fishing and eat FOTB ribs vs rushing it and screwing it up at this point.  I dont mind my family getting to devour my creation, as long as its perfect.

    What do you guys think????

    PS.  I have lots of comments still to come.  Just wanted to get this out there help wise.  TY guys! 


    -11am started seasoning for 3 hours at 275F

    -1pm dry brined with kosher salt

    -1:45pm applied pure canola oil and rub (Pork Barrel BBQ All American Seasoning)

    -2pm loaded 2 racks of ribs, cooked at 225F for 3 hours

    -5pm foiled one, left the other in the MES, being cooked now at 225F

    -plan is to cook them for 1.5 hours

    -6:30pm, pull, apply sauce (Sweet Baby Rays BBQ to the foiled rack and Sticky Fingers Carolina Classic to the rack in the MES)

    -7pm hopefully done, too soon????
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    Patience , don't worry . You'll have a nibble before departure time.

    And send Q-view [​IMG]  
  3. You should be fine.  Also I would state that you are worrying too much about the temp swings.  If the smoker is hitting 245 then 215 you are averaging about 230.  Worry more about internal temps and less about smoker temps.  They really don't matter as much as most people make them out to.  Sure low and slow is good for some things it's not good for others....such as chicken.  I often do my butts at 250F.

    Post Pics....or we wont believe you are really smoking something [​IMG]

  4. mummel

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    HAHA.  Here's a pic!  So I ended up pulling it.  It was ok, but not mind blowing.

    Some observations:

    1) It was probably not ready.  I did the bend test and they did not break.  They bent pretty darn nicely, but no breaking.  They should have stayed on longer.

    2) We couldnt tell which rack tasted like Sweet Baby Rays or Carolina Classic.  Two things could have happened here.  I could have maybe put on too much rub which killed the taste of the sauces, or I put on too little sauce.  I suspect it was the latter.  I did not douse the ribs in sauce but used a brush to paint it on.  I probably should have poured the whole bottle on.

    3) I forgot to add some sugar to the Pork Barrel BBQ rub.  I emailed the company before hand and they told me to apply brown sugar but I forgot.

    4) I also foiled one and did not foil one.  One was clearly softer and juicier than the other, but FFS, I forgot which one and because none of us could tell the diffs between the sauces, I dont know.  The Carolina classic was not foiled.  The interesting part was that half of us liked the the no foil one, and the other half liked the foil one!  I definitely liked the softer, juicer one.  Do you think that was the one that was foiled?

    5) They didnt have much of a smoke flavor from what I could tell.  I used Pitmasters mix.  At one point my vent hardly had any smoke coming out?  I checked and the AMPS was still burning, just very slightly.  I closed my vent a bit, and the smoke got a bit thicker.  But perhaps it wasnt enough smoke for maybe 1 hour?

    Anyway, I really pumped up about getting better on my next smoke.  I'm already researching butt info.  But I would be really curious to hear what you guys think I could improve on.  TY!

  5. mummel

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    Is there a way to upload video without having to sign up for a YT or Vimeo account?
  6. mdboatbum

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    If you have a smartphone you can download Tapatalk and use that to post. You can upload videos just like photos. They're hosted on Vimeo but it does it all for you.
  7. mummel

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    I'll check it out, thanks.  I took some vid of the smoke coming out my vent.  Any other thoughts on the results?  Anything I can tweak?

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