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  1. Well we are having a big cookout party at work with all of the big boys in town invited. A lot of doctors and lawyers and such, anyways, I talked my boss into letting me do some cooking. He is going to cater in some middle eastern food for one station and I am going to be do smoked food at another station. I will be cooking 7 whole pork loins, 12 turkey breasts and about 100 modified ABT's. I usually cook at about 240-250 degrees, but have been reading about doing poultry at 300-325 to crisp up the skin. What do you guys and gals think. I dont want to cook at a uncomfortable range for me and take a chance on drying the loins out. Any advice would be appreciated. This would be awesome if I can pull off some excellent food. Maybe lead to some side jobs for the higher ups. Like I need something else to do. Thanks
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    Given all of the other items I would opt to find a cheap grill nearby that you can have on hand. When the chicken reaches temp, take it off the smoker and throw it on the grill to crisp up the skin.

    A throw away grill from any retailer would do the trick. A bag of charcoal and you'd be set.
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    Yeah, what aj said!

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