Questions about "After the Smoker"

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Jun 5, 2007
Murrieta, CA
Hey all... few quick questions about what to do after removing the meat from the smoker. I have seen several "hints" that a cut of meat should rest after coming out of the smoker and other "hints" about using a cooler. Can't find any specific threads about the cooler and resting.

Today I got pretty ambitious. I currently have a pork tenderloin in the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker.

I couldn't decide which to do... the Sausage Stuffed Loin or the Mahogany Sauce with loin. So what did I do... cut the thing in half and I am doing both!

Also have a pot of the Wicked Baked Beans brewing in there too...

Back to the questions... do I rest the loin and for how long? What is the deal with the cooler I see people mentioning?

Thanks in advance for the recipes I am using as well as your replies.

Welcome to SMF. I think the cooler you are referring to has to do with smoking a pork butt for pulled pork. After it's done you wrap it in foil, then a towel, then stick it in a cooler. I don't think that would be necessary for a pork tenderloin. I would let it sit for 15 minutes after you take it out just to redistribute the juices.

Enjoy it and don't forget to take pictures!.
Hi Oak --

You've pick some fantastic recipes to follow. You will be pleased!

Ron's pretty much right on there. All meat should be rested for a short period before eatting. The cooler thing is for tough meats that need to break down to make them tender and juicey. Of course this method won't hurt a loin either. Almost any meat that rests wrapped tightly will be more tender and juicey. Poultry is probably the exception the skin will get icky!
the cooler trick will work wonders on a peice of meat. 1 for resting. 2 it allows the meat to acually cook longer without any more drying heat introduced to the meat, 3 it also can save a meal if your cooking calculations were off and it finished early.

i have kept turkeys untouchable hot for almost four hours with no loss of quality. it also works great if the smoke took way longer than it should have and your too tired to pull the pork, bad pun, wrap it in a couple of heavy duty towels, not the wifes good one either, and place in the cooler preferebly one that is not to much bigger, and go to bed and when you wake up it will be some of the most tenderest meat you have ever laid eyes on.
agree with the above, with the tenderloin I would just cover and let sit for 15 minutes or so...Keep your eye on the temps, the tenderloins don't take that long to cook.

That pretty much sums up the whole deal!
One more addition, they deep fry lots of turkey here and the old Cajuns always wrap it in newspaper and stick it in a cooler, sometimes overnight! The burned skin pulls off with the newspaper when you unwrap it but it tastes fantastic and is not greasy at all. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.