Question on "heat" in Slaughterhouse Brine

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by grillnut, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. Hey all!  So, once again I get to smoke the Thanksgiving Turkey!  I have brined in the past with a brine recipe I got off the internet.  However, since then, I have lost the recipe.  So, in searching new brine recipes, I came across Slaughterhouse Brine Recipe.  It sounds good, but I am concerned about the cajun spice you add to it.  I have several seniors that will be at the dinner, and they don't respond well to spicy foods.  How much heat will be the cajun spice add, is it even noticeable, can I get away with out using the cajun spice?  I am doing a 19lb bird with cherry wood on a "modified" Chargriller Duo with side box.  Thanks!
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    I have not used that recipe but I just reviewed it and you will be fine using it or leaving it out. 2 teaspoons in a gallon and a half is not much at all. Not to mention it will only penetrated 1/4" into the meat in the brine. But if you leave it out you will be fine as well. The salt is the key to the brine and everything else is just a bonus. 

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