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Question on brining a brisket flat for pastrami.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by little smokey, May 10, 2019.

  1. little smokey

    little smokey Smoking Fanatic

    The recipe I'm going with says brine 5 days, can you over brine and if not does it effect the flavor/saltiness?
  2. JC in GB

    JC in GB Smoking Fanatic

    If you have measured your salt and cure properly, the meat should not come out too salty.

    What brining method are you using?

    Dry brine
    Immersion brine
    Injection/pick-up brine

    How did you calculate your salt and cure amounts for your brine?

    I just did a pastrami from a brisket flat a few weeks ago. I used the dry brining method. Next time, I am going to use the injection/pick-up method.
  3. little smokey

    little smokey Smoking Fanatic

    Recipe I am using is from the book "The artisan jewish deli" for a four lb brisket flat. Immersion brine. Gonig to remove fat down to a 1/4 " and I should be right below 4lbs. I have made plenty of pastramis using corned beef but trying my own from scratch. This recipe has some great reviews from quite a few people so giving it a try.
  4. JC in GB

    JC in GB Smoking Fanatic

    For a 4 lb flat, how much water does your brine recipe call for?
  5. little smokey

    little smokey Smoking Fanatic

    six quarts and 1/4 cup of Pink salt.
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  6. JC in GB

    JC in GB Smoking Fanatic

    That comes in line pretty close to my calculations for your cure #1 amount. I calculated for 4 liters of water.

    I would suggest that you convert your measurements to weight.

    A 1/4c of kosher salt will weigh less than a 1/4c of fine ground salt.

    PPM calculations use weight and not volume. You will get more consistent results by measuring your ingredients by weight.

    I would also suggest that you use metric measurements for your calculations.

    You can much more easily calculate PPM using metric values.

    (i.e. PPM = mg/kg) 156 mg NaNO2 in 1 liter of water is 156 PPM. 1 liter of water weighs 1 kg.

    Can't get much easier than that.
  7. little smokey

    little smokey Smoking Fanatic

    SO recipe says go five days in brine if I go 6 or 7 will it make much of a difference?
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  8. bregent

    bregent Master of the Pit OTBS Member

  9. chef jimmyj

    chef jimmyj Epic Pitmaster Staff Member Moderator Group Lead OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Not toxic and not a problem, but that is twice the amount of Cure needed for that amount of meat and water. There is no reason you can't go long as long as the salt is not over 1 Cup Kosher Salt. Big Jewish Deli's go 30 days on their packers...JJ
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  10. little smokey

    little smokey Smoking Fanatic

    Thanks for the info everyone
  11. JC in GB

    JC in GB Smoking Fanatic

    This may help you understand the science behind the calculations.

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  12. Adottavio

    Adottavio Newbie

    I had mine in a brine for 14 days.

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  13. I came up with a spot-on "Katz" pastrami recipe after several tries for over a year. As a new member I'll post the recipe soon. The 15+ lb. brisket brines for 3 weeks (in a "Brining Bucket"), followed by a 24 hour sous-vide @150º, then a 4 hour smoke, slice serve & freeze. Best & most tender pastrami ever, just ask my critical wife : )
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  14. Anticipating.
    That was a massive brisket for pastrami on the home scale.