Question after seasoning burn

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Aug 31, 2018
Branson MO
OK, so my drum held pretty consistent with only a 10 degree swing, however after the first of the three hours I was not seeing any smoke (even TBS) and once I shut her down and looked inside most of my chunck was still there, I put four pieces on(2 apple 2pecan) and there was still the two pecan and most of one of the apple left.

Where did I go wrong? I had the basket in the barrel with chunks in place when lighting, used two paraffin cubes to light it, I had all three intakes open at the star. I let it run for 15min lid off then placed grated and lid on, at 280 I put the plug in on of the three intakes, at 290 started setting intakes for 300. It went well for the first hour with TBS and steady temp, then TBS became no TBS but heat stayed constant until I messed with the intake that was partially closed, I opened it wide (obviously temp jumped only to 315though), then closed it back down. It stayed constant the rest of the time.

Did I mess up some where?

I'm not a UDS user, but just because you can't see the smoke doesn't mean its not there. Did you still smell the smoke?

You were probably experiencing an extremely clean burn. No visible smoke, but the flavor is still being added. I experience the clean burn with my WSM on most cooks.

Sounds like a good clean burn. I’ve been using a lot of apple and pecan lately and I do think they are good clean burning woods, especially after being heated up. Sounds like they smoked up TBS for you at first, and after heating up for awhile they were burning clean and efficient. That’s what you want. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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