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  1. S

    Help. What steel to use?

    Hey all so I need to pick your brains regarding steel choices. Steel choices so I’ve been in contact with several steel suppliers here in the uk and I’ve been able to source 1/4” steel. Black Mild Steel Sheet But now I’m being offered black mild steel sheet, which as I understand is hot...
  2. HarleySmoker417

    Question after seasoning burn

    OK, so my drum held pretty consistent with only a 10 degree swing, however after the first of the three hours I was not seeing any smoke (even TBS) and once I shut her down and looked inside most of my chunck was still there, I put four pieces on(2 apple 2pecan) and there was still the two pecan...
  3. slickmick84

    Help.......! In search of a AMERICAN built smoker barrel

    Currently I have a small vertical charcoal/wood smoker grill but i would like to grow bigger. I've been searching all the outlets around me, home depot, Lowe's , Sam's club, tractor supply etc.. My current issuse is the American build of these, I can't find any! What are the brands, costs, and...
  4. S

    i have sealed-top 55gal drums. does anyone buy those? (san diego)

    Hello chaps, I'm slowly getting into smoking, and i was blessed with a resource of metal drums, probably every month. that is, if i can find a place to sell them. These are all SEALED top, not lid. If anyone here knows where i can sell these locally, that would really be helpful. Not...
  5. D

    Barrel smoker build

    I'm currently building a double barrel type smoker. I'm using a 55gal drum with a wood stove kit as my firebox, and a large converted propane BBQ as my cooker. I'm setting up as a reverse flow setup with about a 1' stack. Wondering if anybody has used a propane BBQ as a cooker and if so any...