Question about vacuum sealing.

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Nov 30, 2022
Got a question for you guys. I made a batch of sausage for a family member last weekend. They turned out great. The bind was nice, as was the color and everything else. As usual, I allowed them to bloom for a couple hours, and then they went onto a wire rack and into the fridge before being sealed the next day.

I looked at the sealed bags today and noticed some liquid in with the sausages. It was nothing crazy or excessive, but it was there. Sometimes my OCD gets the better of me. Lol. I wanted to ask if a little of this is to be expected. I'm pretty sure I've seen it with grocery store sausages and hot dogs. Thanks to you all!
I'm with Cranky and Murray.
If I don't freeze first, I watch the liquid as it is being sucked up, and hit the seal button before it gets to the spot where it will seal.
Little air is left in bag.
Also, you can put a rolled up paper towel in the bag after the meat.
As liquid is being sucked up, the paper towel will get most of it.

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