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Jun 17, 2013
Salt Lake City, UT
So I did get my MES40 from Santa and I am seasoning it as we speak so that I can give it a whirl tomorrow night.  I am interested in cold smoking, and have read so much good about AMAZE-N products.  What I don't know is whether I should get the AMAZE-N tray that uses the dust or the pellets.  Will the pellets allow you to still cold smoke?  I assume that you could use any pellets in a pinch as well...I just didn't know if there was a better answer for me to get for cold smoking or longer smokes.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section.
I suggest you EMail Todd with A-MAZ-IN. BUt... I will probably get it all wrong by attempting this but here goes.......

To me the difference between the pellets and dust is the temp. Dust is better for cold smoking because it does bot require as much air, so you don't need a "draft" thru the MES caused by the heat escaping. Pellets give off more heat or so I have been told. I know when I was trying to cold smoke with pellets I did have some problems keeping it lit. When I set the unit to 100 degrees and developed a draft thru it worked fine. Also when I was trying to hold the 100 degrees on my bacon, at night, my temp due to the help of the additional heat from the Pellets got up to 137 degrees when I caught it.

If you are going to cold smoke, that is less than 100 degrees the dust is preferred, 100+ degrees use the pellets. I really wish I had a smoke tube, I think its probably my next investment.

Yes some folks use both together or two tubes especially with bacons to get a heavy dose of smoke. I tried lighting both ends of the pellet tray and that's when my temps took off. I was trying to beat how it was designed to work.

Hope that helps, hope I didn't steer you wrong. But if you are in fact going to truly do cold smoking the tube w/ dust is the way to go. I got the tray and pellets, figured when I got into cold smoking I could afford the tube w/ dust. I Have not really done anything that either the tray or the chips couldn't handle so far but I have done little or no true cold smokes.

If you are going to use it more as a aux smoke generator when smoking with your new MES40 go with the pellets and the tray.

Good luck and hope I didn't just confuse you.
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I use the tray with pellets for cold and hot smoking. I did do the mail box mod which moves the heat outside of the smoker.
I cold smoke my belly bacon at under 100 degrees inmy converted food warmer to smoker all the time.
With the mail box mod hot and cold smoking can be achieved with no adverse problems.
I have even smoked everyday store bought cheese using the amaz-n pellet burner in my mail box mod.
I M H O, The mail box mod, designed by pops is a terrific way to smoke.
Thanks for the feedback everyone!  I went with the AMNPS...may have to get some local pellets as I want to use it for a New Year's Eve party but I am ordering some dust through Todd to try cold smoking cheese.  
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