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  1. So im up a little late/early about to smoke a boston butt for my first time and i just recently lit a 1/2 chimney full of lump coals and threw it in my mainly unmodded ecb already set for the minion method and the temps rose to about 425 so far..... is this normal at first? Will the temps die down? Just curious to how this works. Thanks in advance.
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    Temps will rise fast if you don't stay on it. The problem with an unmodded ecb is you don't have much control. If you have added any sort of intake control you should start to adjust it down as soon as the temp gets to your set point. Once you over shoot your set point it is hard to get it down.
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    You should be about done by now. For next time skip the lump in the ecb. It makes an already twitchy smoker a bit of a bear to handle. Try a good all natural briquette like Stubbs. Much more predictable and even heat and will last 3x as long as lump.
    If the butt is still cooking take it to around 200° and check for tenderness. When it feels tender wrap it in foil and let it rest for at least an hour.
  4. I ditched on that effort. Took a loss on coals but its whatever. Trying it again today and its a bear to maintain a good temp. Ive accidentally added too many coals and the temperature went out of control so im fighting it back down, which isnt easy. I really dont want to lose this butt.
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    For whats its worth, butts are hard to ruin. I prefer to smoke mine at 300. If you can get the smoker under 325 you should be fine. You also have the option of leaving it in the smoke for 5 or 6 hours then wrapping it in foil and moving it to the oven. 
  6. Its coasting at about 260 now and im definitely going to throw it in the oven at about a IT of 160. Being new at smoking on this ecb is stressfull.
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    I started on an electric ECB and it is not much better. It is either on or off. I always used the oven to finish butts on that smoker and they were always great..

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