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  1. I have always used natural casings to make my sausage and between links you just make a few twists and this is sufficient to separate the links. Last night I used 32mm collagen casing for the first time to prepare sausage for smoking. When the links were the length that I wanted, I tried twisting to separate the links and it ended up untwisting. I finally just tied a piece of string between the links. This was very time consuming. This will be the last time I collagen casing for this type of sausage unless somebody knows of a trick to separate the links.  Any suggestions from the sausage experts out there ?

    I will post pics later of the product after smoking later today.
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    I use butchers twine to separate mine when I use collagen.  They also break easily if you over stuff them...
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    Here is how to twist so they wont untwist.

    Sausage to length say 2ft

    Tie off the end and pinch the casing 6" from the end. Make the first twist 3 times away from you, pinch another 6" and twist 3 times towards you. Away/towards/away/towards.

    Be aware that really tight stuffed casing may break when you twist. Stuff the casing loose, then twist.


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