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  1. outta this world .. with my hubs secret seasoning ...  Cooked on my GOSM Used the 3-3-1 with hickory .. I thought I was gonna loose them off the grill

  2. Looks good!
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    Lookin Good! How you like that GOSM?

  4. I only got and seasoned it yesterday .. so today was its first trial run .. find a lot of smoke escapes out the front door .. could be sealed other than that it keeps great temps and i did check it with my oven [​IMG]before it was put together I had the oven heated up for dinner and tossed the thermostat right in .. and well the outcome was wonderful ... fall off the bone :)
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    Lookin tasty
  6.  Thanks!
    Yes I love the GOSM .. I do think the door could be a little tighter seal wise but other than that the temp is right on ! While we assembled it my oven was on so I tossed the thermometer in the oven before we put it on the smoker [​IMG] it was within a few degrees . the assembly directions were awesome as well ..

    I had a bradley portable before I got this one ... I liked that one just fine till the burner went to junk and wouldn't smoke the wood anymore. I only had that one for a month :( 

    Only thing I would change about it is the wood bin .. I would give it handles so its easier to remove empty and fill .. but its not that big of deal ..
    it held a good steady temp of around 230 for 7 hours straight
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  7. Looks very tasty........[​IMG]
  8. Looking good, man I've got to log off. I'm starving right now after perusing these posts. lol, is that sauce your hubby's secret recipe?
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    Ribs looks great Thumbs Up
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    When I use my GOSM, I use a bar clamp across the top, holding the door in.  That stops most of the smoke leaks on mine.

  12. Yeah I am not even aloud in the kitchen when he is making it .. Sure sticks well tho
  13. I was thinking about getting some High Heat silicone and putting a bead of it around the door ? what do you all think ?

    Yes ... I am not even allowed in the Kitchen while he is making his Sauce .. sure sticks well tho ..
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    My GOSM doesn't leak much around the door, I get more leakage around the useless thermometer which I'm going to seal. I was getting a lot or grease leakage around the bottom seam where the sides and back meet the bottom so I sealed it with silicone. 

    If you seal the door just run a bead of silicone around it, cover with waxed paper or saran wrap and close the door until dry then pull off the paper or wrap.
  15. Never thought about the saran wrap or wax paper that makes a lot of sense !! Thanks S2 think I will give it a shot .. well when the weather doesn't look like its going to rain again ..

    I shoulda taken a picture of it when it was going .. tho it was pretty windy that day also so it may of forced the smoke out the door .. I will fire it up again maybe today and see just where my leak points are.

    I have only used it the one time so far so I am sure I will have more leaks that I have to seal also ..
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  16. Good looking ribs!

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