Pumpkin Beer Can Chicken in MES30

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Jan 3, 2014
New Hope, PA
I spent last Saturday home all day with my 7 month old daughter. I decided that morning to smoke something since I would be around the house anyways with no plans to travel. With brining out of the question due to time, I decided to complete my first ever Beer Can Chicken.

Picked up an Organic Bird (first ever of those too) at local market and gave it a rub.

I went with the same rub that I have been using for years for my smoked turkey's and acquired from the web.

Wet Rub
2 T brown sugar (I used turbinado sugar this time, just to try it)

2 T kosher salt

1 T paprika

2 t mustard powder

2 t dried sage

2 t dried thyme

1 t dried marjoram

1 t garlic powder

1 t onion powder

1 t ground black pepper

2 T olive oil

I seperated the skin from the meat and applied the rub under and over the skin. I think the rub worked well so I am going to make this my standard Poultry rub from now on. The skin ribbed along the one side, but some quick suturing with toothpicks solved the problem.

A Bud Light was harmed in the making of this chicken. I will admit it, I didn't drink it. It had been sitting in my beer fridge (aka mini college fridge) for who knows how long. I did however enjoy the half of the Pumpkin Ale before pouring the remaining half inside the Bud Light can.

No special equipment necessary. I put it on the second rack from the bottom of my MES 30 with an aluminum bin beneath to catch drippings and make cleanup easier. It propped right up without the use of any special stands or contraptions.

About 1.5 hours in at 275 (Yes i know meat thermometer placement is awful, but this early in, I wasn't that concerned. I just wanted to make sure it was cooking since I was busy corralling a very mobile and curious 7th month old.

Chips were Apple/Maple 50/50 Blend.

Close to done... I actually "overcooked" and took it up to 175. I do not like overly juicy chicken...not sure why.

Hanging out....

Overall I did notice that the chicken was very moist (even after cooled overnight). I picked up the occasional faint pumpkin note when eating some pieces on the deepest interior of the breast. I thought the turbinado sugar was OK, but I think I will try another sometime soon with brown sugar.

I would certainly do this again.

Happy Smoking! :)
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