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Pulled pork


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It's a long weekend in this part of Canada. Got a pork shoulder and smoked it in the MES for 6ish hours. Got Oki Joe going and transferred at about 6 hours. I pulled some frozen potato cups out of freezer and heated them up on the grill as a side. I wrapped it after about 3/4 hour on Oki as temp past 203F.

Question for the wizards of queue: Do you wrap at a certain temp?


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Looks good and great job. I wrap at around 155 or 160. I’m going to smoke some butts this weekend and I think for the first time I might go straight through. Maybe just wrap one. it depend on the timing.

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I dont wrap. Sure it might take longer but you shouldnt rush when your smoking meat.


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The reason for the wrap is what’s called “the stall” this occurs around the 160*F mark. The meat can stall (not gain temp, and even could lose a little temp) for several hours. The wrap stops this stall in temp rise and the meat finishes much faster. So the wrap comes at about 160*.


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Was it Family Day in Ontario? I seem to remember they had a provincial holiday like that. Meal looks great. I wrap around 165F when I do wrap.


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Is it recommended to turn up the heat after wrapping, i think its called turbo butt or just leave it at the smoking temp ? How many hours are you saving?

Will be using a new to me, Imperial Kamado, does anyone know if the butt can be smoked with the pottery original top fully closed and temp adjusted with the bottom slide only?

Is putting the meat to rest in a "plastic bag" not the same as using butcher paper or foil before wrapping in towels and into the cooler? thanks

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Civic Day. Another created holiday so Canadians have a "long weekend" every month.
I used to work for a Canadian owned business.

Nice on the butt.
I've done it multiple ways. In my neck of the woods, most prefer a few hours of smoke and finish off without smoke. Wrap and put in the oven until pull the bone tender. Last one was in the covered foil pan and left on the pellet pooper as I didn't want to heat the house with the oven.


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Unless I run into a major time crunch, I don’t wrap. I do collect the juices on the lower rack, and use the “clean” juices back on the meat.


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Is it recommended to turn up the heat after wrapping, i think its called turbo butt or just leave it at the smoking temp ? How many hours are you saving?

That's totally up to you----The only thing turning up the heat after wrapping does is get it don't sooner. It doesn't do anything Good or anything Bad to the Meat.
The time it saves depends on the temp you were smoking at, the temp you raise it to, and the size of the Roast.



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As Bear said, I only wrap if I’m running out of time & need to get the butt done quickly. You can always wrap it & finish it in the oven at 350 .

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