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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Sep 14, 2013
Hua Hin - Thailand
Hi everybody !

Finally my first try with a real (I hope) pulled pork...

The "5 herbs" is because I'll be using these herbs in the brine :

For the brine I used :

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-           1 onion

-           4 cloves garlic

-           2 cups chinese selery

-           3 tbs. PAE – LO POWDER (5 chinese herbs).

-           2 laurel leaves

-           thym

-           a shot of pine apple vinegar

-           black pepper corns

-           brown sugar

-           4 coriander roots

-           4 tbs salt

Chopped the onions , garlic and selery and a mild fry in a bit oil.

Add all the other stuff and water , boiled for 10 minutes and cool down.

Brining for 36 hours in the fridge.

The pork :

A bone-in boston but = here ---> NO FIND !

So I ended up with this pork shoulder accident :

After some time and cursing came up with this :

Now the real stuff...

Primary wrapping , straight from the tree :

Wrappings :

Being a bit lazy today and wanting a steady temperature (125 degrees C.) for 5 hours I used an hot air oven (I hope it isn't a mortal sin here).

5 hours later took out the experiment , put some holes in the bottom and let the juices out :

Curious to see...

Didn't look so dashy...


After the pulling :

On the table it looked like this :

Served with rice , the cooking juice to sprinkle the rice and a sour topping for the pork.

The sour topping is typical Thai = (pineapple) vinegar with garlic , sweet pepper , some bird chilis and a dash of salt and sugar.

The left-over I put tightly in a bowl and poured the cooking juice over it.

And into the fridge , hoping for some kind of terrine tomorrow.

As usual : I would be happy with extra tips (also about my English).

Cheers to you all !
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Thanks !

I've got the idea after watching a video clip about "Kalua pork" in Hawai.

Some hill tribes here in the north seems to use that technique also (although I never saw it).

So adapting it to "modern" style gave us a fairly good meal.
I've had local versions of Q all over the world and they are all wonderful. This sounds great. My minds virtual taste buds can taste this from here. I wish my real world taste buds were doing likewise.
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