Pulled pork question

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I've been doing 250. I don't have a 275 option, 225, 250, 300. Next pork shoulder I'll try at 300.
I have gone that high. Pork butt doesn't care. I take it it's a pellet grill by the temp choices so I would recommend at least an hour (preferably 2) on the lowest setting where it makes more smoke before cranking the temp.
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I cook where ever the cooker wants to settle in at. Anywhere from 225-300 degrees. Got tired of fighting it trying to force it run 225.

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I use a pellet pooper for full shoulder cuts.
I agree with DougE DougE than anything more than 8# is a twin pack which you will appreciate for dealing with 2 pieces instead of 1 massive slab.

The pooper I can get 250° with some coaxing. The forced air (hence convection oven) does cook the shoulder faster, but I've never noticed a problem. I usually foil pan wrap and into the kitchen oven to finish at the stall.
I use a smoke tube in the pooper so I never start at the lowest "smoke" temp
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