Pulled Pork Plateau

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Mar 17, 2010
Ok so this is my first Bone in Pork Butt.  It's 8.45lbs.  I put it on at 2:00am and it is now 4:50pm and I'm only at 170*.  I have read many threads about the plateau since I didn't wrap it but this seems a little excessive.  I think it's been here since about 10:00am.  Is something wrong?  Surely it doesn't take this long to get through the plateau.  Should I move my thermometer to a different spot?  Any advice appreciated since I was hoping for this to be done for dinner.    Thanks in advance  Curtis
You can move the probe.  One question is did you make sure you thermo was calibrated before you used it.  When you move the probe see how it goes in.  If there is resistance you might still be at 170 if it goes in easy with no resistance i bet your internal temp is higher than that.  What is the temp of your smoker  maybe your fire is not as hot as you think.  if your fire is below 225 it may have a hard time bringing the pork butt up to temp.  More details will help here in this case. 
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I did not calibrate my thermometer before using it and not sure how to.  I think I will use another thermometer to see what it tells.  I put another heat thermometer inside the smoker cause I didn't trust the one in the door and it has been consistently at 225*.
To check your thermometers accuracy, put the probe in boiling water.  It should read 212 degrees.  If it doesn't you'll know how much it's off.

I've had plateau's last that long, and longer.  If it was mine, I'd foil it and put it in the oven at a higher temp since there isn't much benefit from having it on the smoker at this point.
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