Pulled pork for the weekend

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Jun 21, 2007
Lee's Summit, MO
We have a block party this weekend and I'm going to do some pulled pork.
As I don't want to smoke for 20 hrs.,unless I have to, would it be better to get say 2 4-5 lb. butts/shoulder or one 8-9 lb. Or will it not make that much of a difference?

The smaller butts will cook faster but it wont take 20 hrs for a 8# butt either..........BTW, for a block party, you better think about 2 or 3 butts
Others will be bringing food also. You know the regular rare, burgers, brats, etc... I don't want to show them up to bad and send them home with all their food

I read on a recent thread that some plan on 1.6 per lb. + 2-4 hrs. Thats about 15 hrs. for a 9# + the extra 2-4, so 17-19 ??
John, you can speed up butts if you want. Foil at about 160-170* will help. Plus you can up your smoker temp a bit, butts are pretty forgiving cuts. If you up your smoker temp, I'd also take the meat temp a bit higher too, maybe 215*? Ya kinda gotta "feel" the meat to know. Wiggle the bone helps too, when it feels like you can just pull it right out.........then it was done 1/2 hr ago
. Good advise huh?

What about doing it a day ahead of the party? Less pressure.
I would go with the 4-5lb'ers, With 250° heat they should only take 9-10 hours and be @ a pulled pork temp...A little less time say 8-9 they could be chopped pork......Good Luck & Enjoy!!!!
Well I went by Sam's today (thursday is when they get their meat here) and picked up a 2 pack of Butts(16 lbs total), a big thing of paparika (those litte jars are expensive at the grocery store), and a 2 pack of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce (alot of people here have raved about it so I thought I'd give it a tast).

I'm just going to buckel down and do the long smoke the day before and do the Wicked Beans and ABT's the day of.

Wish me luck, this will be my first public performance
Good luck on your Q for the block party. Just be prepared to showup some folks because pulled pork or burgers, brats, and dogs, I know what my choice would be. I wouldn't plan on any left overs if I were you.
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