Pulled .... Beef?

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Apr 19, 2014
Sacramento suburbs, CA
I know about 99% of people who smoke do pork shoulders/butts for pulled pork, and why not, it's easy and turns out great.  What I was wondering if there is a cut of beef (some sort of roast maybe) that will pull when smoked that I do something similar to pulled pork?  My guess is that I'm SOL, but if there is an answer, I'm sure this is the place to find it.

Thanks,  Seth
A chuck roast will work great for pulled beef. Without looking at my notes I can't tell you what temps I've taken them to. You should be able to find that info using the search bar.
Chuck roasts make GREAT pulled beef.  Inexpensive and delicious.  I was going to make it this weekend but Raley's/Bel Air had Baby Backs and butts on sale for $2.99/lb.  Pushed it out to next weekend.

I've done pulled beef using mostly onions and garlic once I wrapped it, but this recipe is what I'm going to follow next.  Got the idea here on SMF.

Pepper Stout Beef


4 lbs chuck roast
Kosher Salt and pepper
3 bell peppers. (I used 3. Red, Green and Yellow)
3 Jalapeños ( I like it hot. Use 2 for less heat)
1 lg red onion
6 Garlic Cloves (Crushed)
1/4 cup Worcestershire Sauce
12 oz bottle of Guinness Extra Stout


1. Fire up the smoker to a medium level smoke 250-275°F.

2. Cover the chuck roast liberally with salt and pepper.  It adds a nice crust once the roast has been on the smoker or grill for a few hours.

3. Smoke the roast at 275 for about 3 hours with 2 chunks of hickory wood or until the internal temp hits 165°F.

4. When the roast is nearing the first target temperature cut up the peppers, onions, jalapeños and garlic.  Add to an aluminum pan along with the Worcestershire Sauce and Guinness. Mix em up and let them wait for the meat.

5. At 165 degrees, its time to add the meat to the veg.  Seal tightly with a double layer of HD aluminum foil.

6. Crank up the smoker/grill or oven to 325-350°F and let go for about 3 hours.  This will make the meat super tender and keep the juices in.

7. After about 3 hours the meat should be fork tender and the veggies will be soft and juicy.  Go ahead and shred the beef into the veggies and mix it up.

8. Once the meat and veggies are all mixed up, its time to put everything back in the 350 degree smoker/grill/oven for about 30 minutes until the juice reduces by half.

9. After 30 minutes grab a ciabatta, tortilla, french roll or just a fork and go to town.
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Yeah!  This is awesome!  Thanks guys.  My only complaint is that it is 5pm on a Sunday and I don't have enough time to try it today!
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