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Discussion in 'Pork' started by fstarsinic, May 21, 2009.

  1. fstarsinic

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    I was smoking a small pork shoulder yesterday. It went in about 10am and reached 165 at about 3pm or 4pm. I smoked it at about 210 the whole time.
    After I took it out I could tell that it was not falling apart so I put it in the oven at 240 wrapped in foil and went out with the family. When I came back, unwrapped it and it was absolute heaven.

    So... what do I need to change so it comes out of the smoker that way?

  2. irishteabear

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  3. fstarsinic

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    Thanks. Looks like I was sort of close.
    Anyway, I didn't have a mop sauce ready so I experiemented with something else. I read where someone recommended apple juice and booze. Hmmm.... So I tried....:

    Triple Sec
    1 serrano Chilli cut in half.

    So basically a margarita mop.

    Anyone try that. I didn't notice a whole lot but it sure tasted good.
  4. tn_bbq

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    If you were mopping your meat all day, then you probably lost an hour or two of cooking time.

    I find that the smoker loses a lot of heat when the door is opened. Some have said to add an additional 10-20 minutes of cooking time everytime you open the door to mop. In other words, if you mopped 4 times you might need to increase the cooking time another hour or so.
  5. bassman

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    If you had wrapped in foil at 165 and put back in the smoker until it reached 200-205, it would have pulled just fine. Taking it out at 165 just means it is safe to eat, not to pull. Sounds like a good mop recipe.
  6. fstarsinic

    fstarsinic Fire Starter

    safe to eat, not to pull. Good point! Thanks! By that time the smoker was losing temp fast which is why I switched to the oven. I was just lazy. Next time I'll be prepared to keep it going.

    I'll keep working on the mop recipe and let you know if it develops into something good. Maybe some lime juice should be added. Maybe a hint of cumin?
  7. pineywoods

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    Personally while doing a butt I try to keep my smoker between 225 and 250 the higher end of that range I find makes the smoke take less time and I haven't noticed any real change in the taste of the meat. As was stated foil at 160-165 and add a good spritzing when you do then back into the smoker or into an oven set at 250 until you hit 200 internal in the butt. Then wrap the foiled butt in an old towel and rest it in a warm dry cooler for at least one hour for the juices to redistribute and you'll be rewarded with a very tender butt. Many people think its "Just not right" to put the foiled meat into the oven but in all honesty once foiled the meat won't take in any more smoke so the heat source doesn't really matter and depending on the type smoker it can save some hassle and fuel.
  8. billbo

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    Like Piney said I would run the smoker at a little higher temp for yourself. I think that will get you where your going faster.
  9. I do not think the "objection" is based on the ability to absorb smoke. Some people do not like what it does to the texture and the crust. I never saw a huge reason to use foil.
  10. pineywoods

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    The objection I was referring to was about putting it in the oven not about the foiling that to is a choice and different people have different opinions my suggestion to people on that is to try it both ways and see which they like the best.
  11. scrapiron

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    Looks like you are well on your way. That is a very good post to read. I have learned lots on the pulled pork that I have done. Each one I try something a little new and different with it. I have foiled them both and have loved how they have come out. As for putting them in the oven, I don't see any issues with that, since the foil won't allow for much if any smoke penetration. This is a great site with some amazing information.
  12. Sorry, I misunderstood your point. What is the objection some have to putting it in the oven?
  13. jaxgatorz

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    LOL.... Because it's not a smoker.Oven can be a 4 letter word[​IMG]

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