prime rib, 5 bone, 13 pounder

Discussion in 'Beef' started by barrelcooker, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. barrelcooker

    barrelcooker Smoke Blower

    So everyone and there moms are cooking this Christmas season.
    Ill be smoking haha. Ho ho ho. Mother of prime!
    Today i decided ill be eating some prime rib for dinner on xmas. I called the butcher up and he was like "i got you" so i told him what i wanted a 5bone prime rib. Man is this meat awsome looking. I should have asked for a more primal cut with longer bones but they should pull back a little so to look prehistoric. I hope my family of 7 brought there apitites along with presents for me.:grilling_smilie::yahoo: some pics should be along soon.:th_Slab_of_meat: ....waiting
  2. barrelcooker

    barrelcooker Smoke Blower

    Mmmm.. Cant wait to season this up. Does any1 have any tips on seasoning their standing roast. I was going to do worchtashire salt pepper. galric and onion powders even some lawreys might be in order .
    Not sure how much of it to cook there is 7 of us. Its 13lbs.
    Should i cut it in half? Its okay to have leftovers but if i can get some steaks cut of before roasting this. Would be nice to try a dry cure on the other half for another day.
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  3. rc4u

    rc4u Fire Starter

    I just SPOG it and saran wrap in fridge overnite.. and sometimes a little Montreal {there's one brand I like but cant remember right now}
  4. talan64

    talan64 Meat Mopper

    I seasoned mine on Monday evening!

    A little EVOO,& SPOG, light on the salt due to my dads heart.

    One difference, is that I wrap in cheese cloth, to let it dry a little.
  5. barrelcooker

    barrelcooker Smoke Blower

    Seasoned up and wrapped it in alum.
    Tomarow going to add wishtashire for 12 hours.
    Dont know weather to leave bones on during cook or save for another smoke session...
  6. demosthenes9

    demosthenes9 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Beautiful looking loin.   Personally, I'd cook it without the bones.  They just get in the way of bark formation on the bottom of the PR and they also inhibit smoke absorption.  If you have the space, throw them on the rack next to the PR.

    Looking back at your second post,  13lbs is definitely a bit much for 7 ppl, especially of there are some smaller appetites in that group.  I normally plan about 1lb per person on bone in roasts.  Another way to gauge it is overall length.   For a loin of that height, you could probably go with 3/4 inch or 1 inch slices.  7 slices @ 3/4 inch would be 5.25 inches.  & @ 1 inch would be 7 inches.   Just to be safe, I'd measure out about an 8 inch loin, make the cut and then either slice the remainder for steaks or leave whole to do another PR later.
  7. chef jimmyj

    chef jimmyj Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator Group Lead OTBS Member

    The yield on that will be about 70%. So 13lb after trim and bones will give around 8 pound of cooked Beef. Me and my Meat and Potatoes Only, Daughter could eat 1 pound no problem. But add all the Sides and Apps, if serving, and that will be a lot of meat. I did 4 bones, 9Lb, for six big eaters and there was enough leftover for Hot Beef Sandwiches another night. There would be no issue cutting a few steaks or if younger kids or light eaters with a variety of sides, cutting in half for another meal...JJ
  8. barrelcooker

    barrelcooker Smoke Blower

    Thanks guys this helps alot pics will be posted tomarrow durring or after dinner. Even some during the cook. Was going to smoke at 220 until i get 7 degrees within target temp then i was going to sear let rest 5min-15min then slice and serve.
    I like to eat hot prime sometimes i dont let my roast for beef rest long. 128 will be a wrap temp i think it will coast to 134. My smoker likes to cook at 250 would that be okay temp to get end to end pink?

    Thanks for the idea guys
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  9. demosthenes9

    demosthenes9 Master of the Pit OTBS Member


    You might try pulling the PR and letting it rest first, then do the sear.  Slice and serve immediately afterwards if you want.   Reason for this is that when you pull 7 degrees early, the PR will still have residual heat and will continue to cook.   Going right to the sear would add even more heat and you run the risk of overcooking.     Rest it first and let the carryover cooking stop and the PR's temp starts dropping, then sear.
  10. barrelcooker

    barrelcooker Smoke Blower

    Thank you I'm still looking up last minute ideas for tomarrow. I think this is a good one.:hockeyeurbaston:
  11. barrelcooker

    barrelcooker Smoke Blower

    got my grill all set up and ready to go. prime rib all trimmed up and let it warm up a little before throwing on the smoker. got my italian spices and my beef rub on there. cooking around 250 right now.beef ribs r done
  12. barrelcooker

    barrelcooker Smoke Blower

  13. barrelcooker

    barrelcooker Smoke Blower

  14. redheelerdog

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    All I can say is WOW - Your making me hungry and I just ate dinner not long ago!

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  15. demosthenes9

    demosthenes9 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Great looking Prime Rib !!  Nice job!!  What were the final details on the cook ?
  16. thesmokist

    thesmokist Meat Mopper

    Looks killer! Isliced mine and seared it on both sides for about 2 min on a super hot charcoal grill and it was amazing!
  17. barrelcooker

    barrelcooker Smoke Blower

    smoked it at 250 until it was 120 it wraped kicked smoker up to 400 until it was 130 and it coasted to 135 sliced with new cooking knives. wonderful dinner
    saved a bit for dry aged cowboy steak later.. thanks for the gawks on my pr.:sausage:

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