Precooking your butts... Any tips on reheating? (Now with Q View!)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jasonross, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Any tips to preserve the flavor of butts when you have to cook them a day or two prior to eating?
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    They will be fine if not better a day or two after pulling them. Properly cool them off, cover and keep at 40°F. When reheating add some apple juice or finishing sauce and heat to 165°F.
  3. Thanks!
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    Best case scenario on precooking butts, is to, as JP61 stated, precook, cool down, then refrigerate, but do not pull at this time.  3 hours or so before your ready to serve, pop them in the oven, 275 to 300.  Pull fresh or no sooner than an hour before serve time.  If you need to pull and store a few days earlier, best bet is to pull, place into freezer bags or vac seal bags with some of the au jus from the cook (defatted) into the baggies, freeze.  You can do this weeks and even months before you need the meat.  Prior to serving, place the baggies in boiling water for about 30-45 minutes, the meat will steam in it's own juices, providing you some of the most moist, juicy and killer pulled pork you have ever had.  Guaranteed...
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    This is so true.  We vac packed and froze multiple packs of pulled pork (and wings) for an overnight kayak camp trip.  We reheated by dropping the bags in boiling water and then ate like kings.  You could still taste and smell the smoke from a month ago.  As far as camping goes, it was a perfect process, there was no pots to clean.   Just toss the empty vac' bags into the trash bag.  
  6. Thanks for your suggestions guys, so here's where I stand:

    I bought these 7.5 lbs beauties at Publix and decided to brine them for something different.

    In they go! I used h2o, salt, molasses and apple juice.

    Out they come! The tips were frozen where they had ice on top of them, but good coloring by the brine everywhere else and the tips will thaw before it goes on the smoker.

    And on goes a rub of mustard powder, paprika, garlic powder, onion flakes, and brown sugar.

    Now we wait til I can get home to fire the smoker up. Updates to follow...
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    Looking good so Far!  Love my Publix up here!

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    Go ahead and by ALL MEANS pull ur pork!  Refrigerate.  Put in aluminum catering pan;

    bring to room temp; put back on smoker and resmoke over low heat.  Put a little Carolina sauce or chicken stock to keep moist and heat at 225 w/lots of smoke every 15 minutes or

    so stir to keep top meat from drying out.  I love Carolina Vinegar Sauce & creamy cole slaw on my PPS.

    Remember only the bark has been smoked the first time.  This way u get it ALL smoked.

    Even if you cooked it in oven/slow cooker pulled and then smoked as above it would taste better than just smoking it once!!  Cover w/foil and serve warm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Here we are about eight hours in at 225. The left one is at 157 and the right one is at 168.

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    Looking great!  BTW....before I put mine in the fridge over nite....I did pull mine.  Would be no time the next day.

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  11. Now they're resting up for the pull:

  12. And here's one of the butts pulled... Just had to pick it up to take it apart really. Thanks for following along!

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    Looks great! 


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