Prayers For Jake

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That is a surprising pic Jake! Hope she is there because she wants to be and not has to be. But sure bet she's got some stories of things she's seen in her lifetime!
Like most, I'm a long ways off but if there's anything you need just say...

Oh yeah Lucy loves it. Her and her husband still work. She’s 89 and just loves helping veterans
Took the words right out'a my mouth.
Hang in there Jake, I heard a little weed might help with appetite and cancer.

Get better bruth'a!!!

Appreciate it bud. And yes you know me. I stay “medicated” lol. I wish appetite was the issue though. My stomach walls are so thick my stomach can’t expand when I eat. So 2 or 3 ounces of food make me Golden Corral buffet full for about 12 hours
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Thought this would lighten the mood. This was my nurse last night!

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When this lady walked in I looked over at Emily and asked if I’d had too much morphine and was I hallucinating? Is this an escaped mental patient pretending to be a nurse?

Turned out this is Lucy. She sat and talked with us all night. The best and most squared away nurse I’ve ever had.

Seriously though you can’t even make this stuff up lol
Hey, they are not all 10's buddy! Hope your feeling better!
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Yummy lol
Could be worse. I knew a guy who broke his jaw playing hockey. He would puree his steaks and used a straw to it down the gullet.
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Years ago when I was in the hospital, it so happened that I was out for tests when the menu cards were passed out and collected for that night's supper.

I received this unidentifiable block of something with gravy smeared on top. I called the nurse and asked her what the hell it was and she had no clue either.

Out of kindness, she offered to go down to the cafeteria and get me a burger and fries. Well, the burger had been on a steam table for hours, maybe days, and the fries were soggy, but I did eat it since she went through the trouble. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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