Potatoes in smoker

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Jun 14, 2008
I've been thinking about throwing a few potatoes in a smoker while doing a brisket or butt.  Does anybody have any idea how long a nice sized baked potato or sweet potato would take to cook at 225° - 250° ?  What internal temperature should they could to?
Probably take between 2 hrs. and 2.5 hrs., just take them untill the fork slides in - same as the oven.
Thanks!  I was planning on checking them with a fork but just wanted to know about when to start them.
i put a couple tabs of butter with some rub 2-21/2 hrs at 225!! amazing!! ohh and i poke it with a fork a few dozen times to get that butter and rub to soak in!! i just give it a little squeeze and if it feels done, yank that puppy!!
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