Port-infused cheddar @ 5 months

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May 31, 2022
This is another one that has gone into the regular rotation. Right at five months age.

Beautiful cheese!!!
Man that is gorgeous!
Amazing Loyd!
A master piece from a Master Artisan Cheesemaker!
Wow that's amazing!
Boy would I go for some of that!
Man, there are some very talented people on this forum. Well done.
Wow! That looks so good!
I'm not worthy comes to mind .
That's amazing .
WOW! That looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
There is no words to describe that other than Beautiful,.

Thanks y'all!

Dues the infusion step make the curds any harder to press/knit?
Thanks! Absolutely. I increased the pressing weight over the first time I made it, and there were still some knitting problems on the edges. Next time I'll do the initial heavy presses in a 90 degree environment and see if that helps.
I think I need to develop a way to keep the pressing environment warm. I really want to explore more natural rinds, but everytime I attempt it, I have to much cracking. Addressing humidity helped, but I still have issues during drying.
I shoot for 83%-88% in my chamber. The problem is that if you don't notice your humidifier is out of water for more than 24 hours some cracks may appear. At that point, I pretty much have to seal.
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