Pork Spares; Christening the New Backwoods Chubby G3 (w/PICS)

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May 10, 2022
Wife was gracious enough to purchase a rack of pork spare ribs for me to use my new smoker. I gotta say they turned out fantastic. Not the most scientific method since I used a new rub and new fuel and new smoking wood, but I can say with certainty this smoker did it's job. Quick facts on cook:
  • Fuel = Mix of B&B briquettes and B&B Oak Lump (I was low on charcoal)
  • Temp = I was shooting for 250 ish and it did not disappoint. One thing I've learned is not to obsess with exact to the nth degree temps. Reduced my stress for sure
  • Smoking wood = I used B&B peach wood chunks for the first time. I really like the flavor they put on the meat. First time using peach. Usually on ribs or other pork cuts I do apple. Very pleasant surprise.
  • Fan Controller = Just ran my flameboss with no fan and ambient probe. I wanted the graph and take good notes (pictured below)

I ran the rack for about 2 hours and checked for bark, etc. It looked and felt good so I wrapped in a small amount of squeeze butter, honey, and brown sugar (the family likes the sweet stuff). Thrown back in wrapped in fioil for about another 90 minutes. I did a bend/tenderness test and it passed. Pulled them out and glazed them down with a thinned out sweet baby rays sauce. Back in they went for another 30 minutes. Pulled and glazed again. After short rest we cut them up and at the whole damn rack. Positives reviews from my second harshest critic (Mrs Snadamo), and "best ribs we ever had" comments from the kiddos. Talk about tender! Perhaps too tender for some people. Personally, I am more of a texas style or Carolina style guy, but I make it like the family wants it; sweet and tender :)

Seasoned with Killer Hogs BBQ Rub

My temporary setup in action

After 2 hour smoke with bark, ready to wrap

After 90 wrap

After 30 minute glaze. I love the pullback :D

Pulled and re-glazed again

Final picture before they all disappeared.

Here is the Flameboss graph. Once I got the fire going, it was rock steady. I didn't use as much fuel as I probably have should, but was short as mentioned earlier. Long story short; when I made my adjustments, it was SOLID. Note I DID NOT run my fan and was adjusting vents along the way to get the feel. I honestly thing for short cooks the fan is not necessary.


Sorry for the lengthy post. I know this cook wasn't special, but it was sure damn good and fun! Thanks for looking!!!
Nice way to make the family happy even if they weren’t your favorite style. Great looking ribs. Like my dad always said, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. If daddy ain’t happy, ain’t nobody care.”
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