Pork shoulder for office christmas gifts.

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  1. Hi everyone. I'm thinking of doing pork butts for my coworkers this christmas as gifts. I have 10 ppl at the office. Trying to decide if i want to do 10 small buts and wrap them and give them whole or should i do a couple large buts and pull them myself and divide them among the 10 ppl? How do butts do if you freeze them whole? Do you need to pull them shortly after they rest? I have always pulled mine shortly after they rested.  

    Thanks for any help. 
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    What a great idea,

    My suggestion would be to smoke them yourself; pull the meat and prepare 10 containers of pulled pork. Wrap each with a bow; put in Holiday bag with rolls, sides or whatever.

    Since you don't say that all 10 of them have smokers, etc. I think this would go over the best.....

    Good luck.
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    I would also pull them and divide them up for the 10. I don't know how they would pull after freezing them whole. 
  4. I believe doing a few large ones and pulling after atleast an hour rest and putting into freezer bags is your best bet. Freezing a butt whole will take more time to thaw than it already pulled. Also might want to consider giving them a recipe for a finishing sauce or making them some your self, because in the reheating process it can easily dry out your meat and you could always make them some homemade Q sauce to go with this little gift. I have seen plenty of people on here give stuff like smoke cheese nuts and jerky but never pulled pork. Kudos for the idea!
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    Pull them...Cold Butts are difficult to pull unless reheated to a temp that can result in drying the meat. Besides pulled pork that is Heat and Eat in under 30 minutes, is more in line with a busy lifestyle than a Whole butt that will take hours done low and slow to keep it juicy...Great Idea!...JJ
  6. Thanks for the input guys!! Cooking a few large buts , pulling myself and putting into 10 containers seemed to me like the best idea. But i wanted to get some input from some like minded people. I have not got into doing my own sauce yet (their are so many ppl that have perfected it i usually choose to purchase one of theirs haha) so i will probably let them provide their own sauce.  

    No one at the office  has a smoker. A couple of the guys grill but no one does pulled pork to my knowledge. 

    Thanks again for all the input guys. 
  7. **Just to clarify i wasn't talking about giving the raw uncooked butt as a gift. Although "I" would love raw meat as a gift!!! haha

    I meant wrap in foil after the smoke**
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