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    I have a 2 pack of pork loin - total weight of package is 2.70lbs. Both loins are approx same size - 1.3lbs. Would you say 1.5 hours to smoke both?
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  3. If you want to do a loin, I got a whole 8 pounder from Publix, halved it; rubbed it and bacon drape. MES 30 holdin steady around 245..cherry wood, pulled 2.5 hrs later at internal temp of 148...rested for 1 hr, very tender with great moisture...got drunk and forgot after pics.

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    Omg! Love the truth! Every Monday morning one of my coworkers comes to my desk and says "Ok, what'd you smoke this weekend!" and we meander to the break room and I whip out a few containers for her to sample... It's the same conversation every week "I'm gunna slap you're momma, that's incredible! What's in it/how'd you make it!" to which I respond with the same Cheshire Cat grin, raised eyebrows and shrugged shoulders... "Damn you and your drunk cooking! You just need to bring me a bottle of whatever it is that you drink that makes you do this so good!"

    Looks awesome! Gunna prep my loin today! Thanks for the giggle!

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