Pork Loin Sirloin roast ?

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Oct 22, 2006
I am going to be smoking on Thursday.  Doing spares and the Pork Loin roast..  I was hoping to pull it, but from what I have read, looks like slicing is the only way.  or can I pull it?   Goal is to take it off at 150 deg and wrap in foil.. 

I will also try to inject it and have been looking for recipes for different things to use.  So any ideas would be appreciated.  thanks

Not really enough fat content to take high enough to pull. I would suggest marinading it or wrap it in bacon personally

You aren't gonna pull this hunl of meat. There's not enough fat in it like Jerry said. Now if I was you I would just smoke it and then cut it into chops (we do it all the time) and enjoy it that way and then freeze the rest and save them for upcoming meals.

PS. I have my butcher trim the backbones with his bandsaw so I can cut thur it later after it's smoked. 
I did one the other day and coated with yellow mustard, put on some Emerils rub (gift from MIL), wrapped up in plastic wrap overnight and smoked that way.  Slicing is the only way to go with this cut.  IMO.  Good luck with whatever, tho!!
I appreciate all the replys.  It will be sliced.  I will rub it down with mustard and my rub the nite before and wrap it in plastic.  Its only a little over 3 lbs so it shouldnt take too long.  I am thinking the pork loin and 2 slabs of spare ribs should be a good meal..  I always make Dutch's baked beans to go along with my smoke...  

again, thanks for the info.  This site is one that I tell anyone who is going to smoke any meat to check out since it has so much great information..

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