Pork Loin Semi success

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Dec 1, 2016
Freezer is full of pork so I had to try something different. I usually use apple cider for marinading, this time I used tampico/orange juice, with various spices, brown sugar and kosher salt. 2 nights soaking then rubbed the rest of the spices and BS on it and  into the smoker at 630am, I was running out of time before work so I couldnt wait for it to reach 200IT, at 530pm it was about 173IT and out it came. SMoker was at 225 all day.

  Applewood for the smoke.

Sliced one up for dinner, then after sitting I started slicing the other up to save for another night, but it was falling apart so decided to shred it. 

I think I prefer the apple cider over tampico but it still had a nice flavor to it. The outside and the fat were really sweet, I forgot to inject so maybe that is why the flavor wasnt as strong on the inside.
Looks good, but I always pull my pork loins out at 140.

They are tender & juicy & slice nicely.

I would have thought yours would have been dry at that high of an IT.

But it sure looks good from here.

It was a little on the dry side, compared to others I have done, but not bad, I think between the fat and about 36 hours soaking up the tampico probably helped. I didn't inject any of the juice, but I do pierce it all around so it gets inside some.
Had to update this. As I was making room in the fridge for some salmon I was brining, I found a hidden container full of this shredded loin. There was maybe enough left for 1 or 2 sandwiches. Evidently one of my boys really liked it and burried the container so nobody else would have any. He is the pickiest eater so it must have been really good.
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