Pork butts with or without solution added?

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Dec 10, 2013
When you buy pork butts, do you look for ones with or without solution added?

I will be doing a local contest here in Virginia and would like to know which you have had the best luck with?

If you know of a place to purchase some good quality pork and want to share the location, I would be very thankful.

I have been using Smithfield Bone-In Boston Butts. And they seem to do very well. But if I can do better with pork that is solution free, that is what I want to do.

Thank you,

I prefer solution-free, but usually I take what I can get and the lowest price possible.  My primary interest in pork boston shoulders (new name, same thing) is buckboard bacon, which I cure in my own curing brine (see Wet Curing Brine and LS Curing Brine in sig line with links at bottom of post) anyways, or trim for sausages, either fresh or cured with at least some water added, diminishing the solution anyways.  For pork boston shoulder BBQ'ing, without solution is normally preferred and add your own custom marinades and solutions via injection.  Best thing is to contact local wholesalers and distributors and inquire as to their brands and if solution is added, comparing pricing also.
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