Pork Butts on the USD w/ Q View

Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokinjoeb, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. Smart and Final had a few pork butt on managers specials for $0.89 a pound I decided that was just too good to pass up and try an all night smoke with my UDS and new remote temp probes

    setup the UDS and put the meat in at 12 midnight 225 degrees. first temp alarm went off at 6:30.....i had it set to 180. butts were 205 at 9am and in my kitchen foiled. i pulled it a few hours later and wrapped it up good to freeze for some easy meals this spring. my temp was 225 all night. once the sun came up the temps went up to 245.

    i turned the smoker down, but, i must have left the lid off a hair, cuz, a few hours later i was going out to fire it up and do some ABT's. the smoker was stil at 150 degrees. i checked and i had easily 1/2 the basket left of lump charcoal. i gave the basket a shake and opened up the ball valve and i was back at 225 in no time. smoked a few dozen ABT's for a party and the were gone in minutes!!

    tomorrow, it's two Briskets.

    I love that UDS, i think i can easily get 15hrs out of a basket of lump. i still have a bit less than 1/2 of my lump left for tomorrow!!

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    sounds great!
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    Um...I was looking behind my computer for the qview. I guess my monitor leaked.

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