Pork butts on Camp Chef PG36 Wifi

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Mar 11, 2021
For what it's worth, six 8lb pork butts will easily fit a 36 inch Camp Chef. I specifically bought Camp Chef because of the additional head room on the upper racks, the body is not cylindrical like Traegers are. However, I found the lower left butt cooked too fast so I had to rotate it. This was an overnight cook for a luau, put them in at 745PM. They were done at between noon and 2PM the next day. Nothing wrapped, spritzed with pineapple juice the first 3 hours. I used a Thermoworks Smoke thermometer, as well as the Camp Chef Wifi to keep track of temps, the Smoke alarm alerted me the lower left butt was 30 degrees ahead of the others at 3AM. 30 pounds of pellets used. The neighbors were impressed, but pellet grills make it easy.
Sounds delicious. Any pics of the shredded pork before it was consumed?
No, I was doing host duties and didn't get pics. Good bark, excellent smoke ring, 40 people gobbled it up, along with 6 racks of baby backs. I was stressed for weeks that I couldn't pull this off but everyone loved it
Congrats on the cook. Happy eaters says it all.
Did you use a smoke tube?
Poopers always have a hotter side. Rotation works for me. I have a MB (Traeger clone)
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