pork butt mishap works out to be a great surprise!

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Dec 7, 2012
so when i go to the store and i see smaller pork butts i buy em up and freeze em cause they are easier and faster to cook. so i had one left that i was going to make on friday. i go into the freezer and my pork butt gone missing!!?!?!?! ask around a bit and looks like my mother done stole it. she thought it was a roast though. so today she was making sauce (marinara) and used the pork butt as if it were a roast in the sauce. well after figuring out where my butt had gone we decided to finish cooking the sauce even though it wasn't beef. well now the sauce is all done and it tastes great and the butt is pull apart (basically like if it had been smoked all day). so i pull it  add some fresh sauce to it and make a sandwich. it is like italian BBQ heaven! was absolutely delicious. no real point to my story other than telling it and that a mistake sometimes sparks new ideas!
Making my mouth water. My Nonni used to braise chuck, butt, sausage and chicken in her sauce, all at the same time. She never trimmed either. I still do it like that when there's going to be a big crowd. Mostly just sausage and chuck if its just me and my wife.
Fat and connective tissue do marvelous things to tomato sauce. Made chicken cacciatore last night with the leg quarters from a whole chicken. The resulting sauce is like velvet. Now I gotta try it with pork! Thanks for the idea.
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