Pork butt and back ribs today. Quire!!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by lordl, May 11, 2015.

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    The benefits of working most weekends leaves me with the opportunity to have a great day off on a Monday.

    Picked up two bone out pork butts and 10 racks of ribs Friday.

    Hit both the racks and butts with dry rub Saturday after to get ready for the smoker this morning. I personally like to rub the meat well ahead of time. Just personal preference and in my experience found the flavour hit nicer over that period

    Drove out to the country where we have the smoker and got it nice and hot this morning. I prefer to get the smoker blazing hot and then modify after an hour of heat.

    Smoker was sitting at roughly 225 at the point I put the butts in. I am using a mix of Apple and cherry logs with an initial blast of cherry chips (soaked in cherry juice) for the first 2 hrs of the smoke. I like to hit the meat with intense flavour at the beginning of the smoke then scale back to just logs for the remainder of the smoke

    Ribs will hit the smoker in about an hour. I like to use the 2-2-1 method. Foiling in the middle. Found that the 3 hours at the beginning is a little too long. Have found in the past that if I hold onto about 2-2-1 I get a more firm rib. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. lordl

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  3. Looks good so far. Keep the pics coming.

    Happy smoken.

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  4. jbills5

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    Love the smoker. You can also relax and take a soak in one of those tubs.
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  5. waterinholebrew

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    Lookin good, kind of a unique smoker... I like it, ya tell us a little more bout it ?
  6. lordl

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  7. lordl

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    About the smoker.

    Well it cost my father-in-law and I absolutely zero dollars.

    Oil drum and old wood stove were both trash we picked up from friends.

    The design was trial and error mostly. We've got it to the point where we like it now and it smokes perfectly.

    About the tubs, they are perfect to hold all the beer when we have a lot of company. Fill em up with ice in the shade and they are good to go!

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  8. lordl

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    [​IMG][​IMG] couple pictures of the set up. We decided against the reverse flow due to the length the smoke travels from the heat source to the unit holding the meat

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  9. mr t 59874

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    That's a great set-up for cold smoking.  Good job.

  10. lordl

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    Cold and hot!

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