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Feb 27, 2017
Hello fellow PA Smokers, I was hoping someone from my area (Lancaster County or surrounding counties) might share their locations to purchase Pork Belly for smoking bacon. 

I tired Costco, and I also tried 3 local butchers and no one seems to sell slabs of pork belly.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Where did you go??? Clyde Weaver will get anything you want. Rooster Street Provisions is a custom cutter. Lancaster Central Market is another place that has several smaller meat cutters. You're in the heart of Farm Country you should be tripping over places the sell Bellies!
See more below...JJ


That is what I thought as well, I live in farmland I should be tripping over places to get pork belly.

I went to Zimmerman's and the young lady that helped me looked at me crazy when I asked for pork belly, she said we sell pork stomach, I even explained to her what I wanted it for and she said no they don't sell it.

I also contacted two different Martin's Butcher shops, they all just said they butcher and sell either animals I provide to them or buy from them, they do not sell individual packages of meat.

Thanks for the suggestions Chef Jimmy J!
I get a belly from my local butcher shop a few times a year, probably 4-6.  Each time I ask for a belly they try to give me hog maw, what they call the stomach.  The owner of the shop knows me and she will let the employees go for a bit until she steps in and says that I want "fresh bacon".  I laugh every time and the owner smiles at me as I explain to the employee what I want.  We get a chuckle each time.

Karns will order a belly (not too close to you) so I imagine Giant will too.
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