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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Apr 8, 2016
Oceanside/Murrieta CA
Decided to smoke a pork butt this past weekend.
Rubbed with Jeff's rub.
Into the smoker at 225° for 6 hours. Smoked with my AMAZN smoker filled with applewood pellets.

After 6 hours into a pan with chef jimmyj chef jimmyj finishing sauce for 2 more hours.

Decided to make a pan of @Dutch baked beans.

Pulled out of the smoker when it reached 160° internally.

Was going to pull but didn't want to spend all that time. So I sliced it and soaked in the finishing sauce over night. Sorry I forgot to take pictures of it plated.

Also decided to fire up the Weber and do some pastor for tacos.
Everything sure looks good!

Was the butt tender at only 160?

I would think it would be a bit chewy.

Looks good. When you get in a time pinch, cut the Butt in fist sized pieces, put 4-5 hours of smoke on the meat, pan them, cover with foil and go in a 325°F oven. It will Braise and be fall apart tender in short order...JJ
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