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Feb 10, 2009
With everything that has been going on around here lately i haven't been able to smoke much.So the night before the superbowl we decided to have a small get together and i was scrambling! I had got some pomegranate powder a few weeks ago and decided to have a pomegranate superbowl!! With alot on my mind i kinda had some brain freezes and did not get some of the pics along the way..sorry!!..but most pics are here.I first got some loin back ribs and made a rub of the usual brown sugar,garlic,onionpowder,

dry mustard,sweet paprika,black pepper,sea salt,cinnamon and a heavy dose of pomegranate powder.A little mustard for glue and i rubbed them down for a nap in the frigde for the night.


After this is when things get kinda forgot about!!!lol.And the whole time the camera was right next to me on the counter!!! Oh well what can ya do,this whole week has been like this!! But anyway, i had a bottle of pom pomegranate juice so decided to make a molasses out of it for a bbq sauce. I used the whole bottle some lemon juice and about 3/4 cup table sugar and ofcourse a dash ofpomegranate powder. Let it simmer down till it was nice and thick almost like jelly really.To that i added ketchup,cider vinegar,salt,pepper,cayenne,chili powder,dark brown sugar and some "whatsthishere"sauce. Sorry got no pics here,it was late and i wanted to sleep!!

Then in the morning the wife wanted a turkey roll so i made a fattie.Took some ground turkey rolled it out and topped it with stuffing that was mixed with walnuts and pomegranate cranberries! Rolled it up and made my first try at a weave. Once again no pics here...man what am i doing!! LOL I did however get one while everything was on the smoker...bout 3 hrs.in before i foiled the ribs.Oh i used hickory and cherry for smoke.


While the smoker was going we made up some wings.Nothing fancy garlic,butter,hot sauce,salt, pepper and some bread crumbs

In the oven for about a hour.


Here's the done fatty.


And some cut pis of course!!


And a close up.


And the ribs done with the 3-2-1.5 and sprized with mango guava juice and some rum.


I managed to get a pic while the hungry people were fighting for the grub!!! Got a pic of the pomegranate bbq sauce!


 And one more quick close up as i had to get some food before it disappeared!!!


Everything tasted real good. I was surprised at how much the ribs tasted like pomerganate.And the pomegranate bbq sauce was great!! It was so good infact that someone took the rest in their doggie bag!! All in all it turned out good and i will do the pomegranate thing again for sure!!! It was very differant than my normal smokes!

 Thanks for looking at my pomegranate superbowl--LES
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Wow that looks awesome... i like how you tied everything together w/ the Pomegranate Theme... that Sauce sounds great!

Pomegranate Powder??? Where did you pick that up from???
Quite a meal. Did anybody watch the game or were they just piggin out? EXCELLENT!!!
That's the good thing about having a big screen tv on wheels!!! I pushed it into the hall so we could keep watching the game since noone was leaving the kitchen!!!LOL

 Thanks al !!!
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