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Jul 3, 2005
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A florist goes to his barber for a cut and when he tries to pay up the barber says no thanks its communinty service week here.the next morning the barber finds a dozen roses and a card at the door of his shop.
That day he gives a free haircut to a cop and tells him the same thing about his fee.The next morning when he opens up he finds a dozen Krispy Kream doughnuts at the front door to his shop.
That day a democrat comes in for a cut and once again the barber gives him a free cut.The next morning the barber finds a box of books at his shop such as ways to help his busniess increase and and how to be a good person.
That day he provides the same service for a Republican.The republican thanks him and leaves.The next morning when the barber gets to his shop he finds 25 Republicans standing in line at his shop wanting a free haircut.

That my friends is the basic difference between the left and the right.
To follow up on what Larry has said, in the Florida Panhandle, that story would have also been told a different way. We are very conservative here. I'm thinking of a story of some puppies that were for sale at the democratic convention.

They were being sold for $2.00 each. Then at the republican convention the observer noticed that the same young man was selling the same pups for $10.00 each. The observer paused at the republican convention long enough to ask the young man if these weren't the same puppies that were selling for $2.00 at the democratic convention. The young may replied that indeed they were the same pups. The observer then asked why the difference in price. The youth replied the the price at the democratic convention was before they had their eyen open..............
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